How To Sell A Non Running Car

Cars are useful servants that help us to move around fast and efficiently. However, cars have limited lifetimes and require repairs for them to remain in top condition. Over time, you might find yourself owning one that is not running and wish to sell it since you have bought a new one or considering to do so. People who buy cars want to see them running, and one that is not running can be hard to sell. What are your chances of getting some money out of your stalled car? Read on and find out ways to sell a non running car;


You might be surprised by the number of people who are interested in buying your non-running car. That way, always place an advertisement in the newspaper or internet and check out if anyone expresses their interest in buying it. Some people are passionate about certain car brands and would rather buy a nonrunning one and repair it for their collection. Some people might want to buy the car for its parts. Others will want to turn it into scrap and make profits. The internet is a great place to put your advertisements and websites such as eBay and Craigslist can come in handy.

Repair the Car

If you do not find anyone who is interested in buying the car, consider repairing it. This depends on the car’s mechanical issues and how much money is required to fix it. It is pointless repairing it yet you won’t recoup the money used to do it after selling it. Examine the reasons why the car is not running, and you might be surprised that it requires just a few basic repairs. You stand higher chances of getting serious customers when the car is running.

Scrap Yards

These places are solely meant for cars that are not running. If you run out of options, find a scrap yard near you and ask how much they are willing to offer for your car. They will buy the car and tear it apart and sell the parts to repair shops and other interested individuals. One downside of selling a junk car with no title to scrap yards is that they cannot buy one when they don’t see themselves making any profit and thus you cannot get a lot of money by selling to them. They will also tow the car from your home, and this will reduce the amount you get at the end of it.

Part out The Vehicle

If you have some basic mechanical skills, you could part out the vehicle yourself and sell them differently. This can work when you’ve noticed a demand for some essential parts of the car and believe that they could fetch you some significant amount of money. Parting the car out on your own requires some effort, skills, and space to store the parts while you wait for buyers to come.

You are not limited to any options when trying to sell a non running car, and all you have to do is to pick an option that suits you. You can get some good amount out of that stalled car and do not wait any longer since it will continue to depreciate as time goes by.